Why become a Data Scientist? Top 10 Reasons to Become One in 2022

by Aratrika Dutta

December 20, 2021

The demand for a qualified data scientist is growing as there is a huge gap between demand and supply chain

At the heart of innovation, technological expertise is one of the key attributes that a country must possess, an attribute that incorporates both knowledge and skills. Data science is one of the most sought after technologies that is used by nations to automate and simplify the lives of resident citizens. Digital evolution and data science go hand in hand. This technology is impacting baking, finance, hospitality, retail, and education, to name a few. The demand for skilled data scientists continues to grow as there is a huge gap between demand and supply chain. More and more companies are starting to use data science algorithms to boost their businesses as new jobs are created. This article lists the top reasons to become a data scientist in 2022.

Massive demand for data scientists

Massive demand means higher salaries and attractive benefits. As companies compete over a limited pool of talent, they continue to offer better wages and benefits to fill vacancies and steal talent from competitors. The need for talented data scientists also means a much larger pool of internships and entry-level positions, which makes data science a much easier job to break into after completing your education or online coding courses than other vertical markets.

flexible working

Since data scientists often work for or in collaboration with software companies, the flexible nature of these companies and the growing opportunities for remote work mean that you can live and work in the regions of your choice. For data scientists working for more traditional companies, the schedules are often close to the usual “9 to 5” environment of many corporate environments. Massive requests for overtime are not particularly common, although depending on the needs of specific projects, this type of overtime always occurs.

Cool and futuristic projects

Build more accurate climate models and improve weather forecasting technology, to help save lives and mitigate the growing effects of climate change around the world.

Analyze crop yields and farming practices, to help increase food production and save smallholder farmers valuable money that can sustain their business. Help optimize hardware and software around driverless vehicles and advanced public transport projects, saving time and money for commuters and governments around the world. These are interesting jobs that you can do as a data scientist.

Achieve higher positions

In most entry-level positions in a large corporation or government organization, it can take years or even decades to achieve a position of influence over macro-level decision-making and initiatives. Usually reserved for senior executives or expensive consultants at prestigious consulting firms, having the chance to influence massive resource investments or new campaigns is something most corporate employees can only dream of. As a data scientist, you have the opportunity to reach a higher level.

Upper pay scale

Even more so than experienced computer and software programmers, everyone from entry-level data scientists to seasoned data professionals can expect exceptional salaries and compensation given the current state of the industry. In fact, according to Glassdoor, entry-level data scientists in 2019 could expect a median salary of nearly US$109,000 per year. For experienced managers and data scientists, salaries often approach a quarter of a million dollars a year, the same rates as CEOs of hospitals or small businesses after years of careers.

Opportunities to learn data science continue to grow

As mentioned in the introduction, one of the best things about starting a career in data science right now is the massive growth in learning opportunities and academic programs that can help jump-start your career. Dozens of universities, trade schools, and online coding academies now offer detailed data science paths, often taught by instructors with first-hand experience in the field.

Leading the management and decision-making of a business

The more data you collect and manipulate, the greater the need for data science In some careers, if you do a very good job, you can solve the need for a company for your position. In others, you may be forced to do the same thing over and over, just becoming more efficient. Data science stands out because not only are you solving business problems, but you can also help businesses discover new problems and needs that they hadn’t even noticed before.

Get hired by the coolest tech companies

As companies like Uber and GrubHub and even game companies like Nantic (behind Pokemon Go) continue to expand the possibilities of the mobile devices and network services industry, more and more technology companies continue to develop new needs for data scientists. If you’ve always wanted a job in a futuristic corporate office, with a chance to “change the world,” data science is a great path.

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