Zettar will demonstrate data migration with NVIDIA DPU at SC22

PALO ALTO, Calif., November 14, 2022 — Zettar announced that it will demonstrate the use of the NVIDIA BlueField DPU for data migration to Supercomputing 2022 (13 – 18 November 2022). In collaboration with Nvidiait is the first storefront in the world to feature DPU’s built-in capability to offload a wide variety of data movements, which collectively constitute a major category of data processing.

There are two major IT trends in the industry: the edge-to-core/cloud paradigm and composable and disaggregated infrastructure. For both of these trends, the source and target of data are often far apart, and data transport becomes mandatory. Due to the rapid growth of massive amounts of modern data, efficient data movement is essential. The BlueField DPU is a key component of NVIDIA networking solutions. When the BlueField DPU is combined with NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand networking and storage solutions from its rich ecosystem, it enables data-intensive distributed efforts to achieve significant productivity gains and accelerate the conversion of data to information.

In addition, there is an urgent need to reduce IT-related energy and space consumption and to get as much return on investment as possible from investments in the existing IT infrastructure. DPUs help meet all of these requirements. Plus, it often saves time-consuming and costly forklift upgrades. The fact that Zettar zx is a widely recognized and class-leading unified data transfer engine enables the DPU to have complete data movement coverage. Bulk transfer and near real-time streaming can be tackled effectively. Users no longer need to use multiple apps for different data movement scenarios.

This project mobilizes the resources of the HPC-AI Advisory Council cluster center. Specifically, he uses a Dell PowerEdge R720 equipped with an NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPU, as well as a Colfax CX2265i server. The DPU acts as an NVMe-oF initiator. The CX2265i acts as an NVMe-oF target.

The setup simulates the typical migration of file system data, often seen as a very tedious but mandatory computing task. The lecture includes a live demonstration.

Zettar CEO Chin Fang commented, “Almost every industry vertical is facing a tsunami of data these days. For example, health data represents more than 30% of global data (Intel, 2022). Modern high-speed biomedical instruments such as CryoEM and photon-counting CT generate 20-60 TB/day per scan for each instrument. It is now even more urgent to move data from the edge, where the instruments are, to the core and/or cloud for deeper analysis, in the often AI-powered pipeline. Near real-time data transport becomes desirable. A DPU with built-in data movement capabilities brings a lot of simplicity and efficiency to the workflow. Faster movement of data can lead to faster medical and scientific breakthroughs, improving the quality of life for everyone.

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ZettarData Movement Software has earned a global and unrivaled reputation in the high-end HPC space as the easiest, most efficient and versatile data manager for moving data at scale, to the speed of light.

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Sean N. Ayres