Principled Technologies Releases Study Comparing Manual Data Migration to Using Dell Data Migration Services

Durham, NC, June 18, 2022 –(– Moving data from a legacy environment to a new Dell PowerStore array can seem like a daunting task. Administrators can choose to schedule and complete the migration manually or engage Dell Data Migration Services. Principled Technologies (PT) performed file and block migration from a legacy Linux environment both 1) manually and 2) using Dell Data Migration Services and compared the two experiences.

According to the report, “Compared to our manual migration example, using data migration services reduced infrastructure downtime by 99.5% and allowed us to plan the details of the migration. data, including preserving important user permissions. Dell Data Migration Services can provide you with an easy way out of the migration maze by employing careful planning and minimizing downtime for successful migration.

To learn more about how Dell Data Migration Services can ease the migration process, read the full report at

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Sean N. Ayres